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Futrell, Raphael Anton  Anderson  SC  Army  03/25/2009 
Gamboa, Joseph Duenas  Yigo  GU  Army  03/25/2008 
Gonzalez, Orlando Eric  New Freedom  Pennsylvania  Army  03/25/2007 
White, Anthony James  Columbia  SC  Army  03/25/2007 
Roberts, Trevor Andrew  Oklahoma City  OK  Marines  03/25/2007 
Nunez, Jason  Naranjito  PR  Army  03/25/2007 
Mcdonald, Sean Karl  Rosemount  MN  Army  03/25/2007 
Swiger, Jason William  South Portland  Maine  Army  03/25/2007 
Robinson, Christopher Lee  Brandon  Mississippi  Army  03/25/2006 
Carlson, Frederick Andrew Iv  Bethlehem  Pennsylvania  Army  03/25/2006 
Richardson, Bryan James  Summersville  WV  Marines  03/25/2005 
Burgess, Jeffrey Charles  Plymouth  Massachusetts  Marines  03/25/2004 
Froehlich, Adam Dalrymple  Pine Hill  NJ  Army  03/25/2004 
Casper, James Allen  Coolidge  Texas  Marines  03/25/2004 
Rodriguez, Robert Marcus  Queens  NY  Marines  03/25/2003 
May, Donald Charles Jr  Richmond  VA  Marines  03/25/2003 
Johnson, Michael Vann Jr  Little Rock  Arkansas  Navy  03/25/2003 
Stone, Gregory Lewis  Boise  Idaho  Air Force  03/25/2003 
Martinez, Flores Francisco Abraham  Duarte  California  Marines  03/25/2003 
Oday, Patrick Terence  Santa Rosa  CA  Marines  03/25/2003 
Oliver, Arthur D.  Atlanta  Georgia  Marines  03/25/1991 
Wanke, Patrick A.  Watertown  Wisconsin  Army  03/25/1991 
Foster, Doyle  Oneida  Tennessee  Army  03/25/1971 
Calhoun, Edwin Gerald  Duncanville  Texas  Army  03/25/1971 
Parmelee, Jeffrey Mathew  New York City  New York  Army  03/25/1971 
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*The dates used for this recognition are mostly obtained from the official military record. These dates sometimes reflect a declaration of death and not the actual day a soldier died. This feature only includes soldiers for whom a date of death is known. Report an error at