Benton, Carroll Joe
Hometown:Cape Girardeau
County:Cape Girardeau
Last Residence:
Military History:
Death Details:Hostile in South Vietnam.
Added On:07/05/2010
Source:National Archives

Guestbook for Carroll Joe Benton

Lyndel Revelle posted on 05/24/2016 11:26 AM

I remember Joe from Grade School in Cape Girardeau, Mo. and we grew up only a few
blocks from each other. We went to May Greene School, Central Jr High School and central Senior High School together and would've graduated in the same class. Joe was a really fun guy and a good friend. I didn't see him much after he left Senior High School and joined the Army. Joe was a great competitor too. He was good in all he done. I was very saddened when I learned he had been killed in Vietnam. I will miss the fun times and his smile and laugh. I lost a good friend but he served his country and gave his all in combat. I SALUTE his Service to America.If anybody sees this and knew Joe, please try to get in touch with me.Thank You!!
Lyndel Revelle

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