Fascenelli, Albert J.
Army Sergeant

Albert J. Fascenelli from New York, Bronx county.

Service era: World War II

Date of death: Unknown
Death details: Killed in action

Source: National Archives

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Army Sergeant

  1. This is a message of personal interest. My mother had a child in October 1945 (adopted by a cousin at birth) and what small bits of information I have lead me to believe Albert is the father. The relationship was brief and ended on news of the pregnancy. I never quizzed my mother on the details as it was a traumatic event in her life and buried when she married and started a new life in New Zealand. All we know is that the name was “Fraconelli” and he was stationed at Bushy Park. The child, Tony, lived all his life in the UK and died earlier this year. He only learnt who his birth mother was when he trurned 50. He never attempted to find his father…

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