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Army Major

  1. Today is the 80th anniversary of the death of my uncle Joe C. Renfro, who was in Company C of the 3rd Ranger Btn. Both of our loved ones lost their lives in a noble cause. God bless both of their memories.

  2. Major Alvah Miller was killed in action in January 1944. He led three battalions of Rangers into Cisterna Italy. The town was supposed to be secured, but they found it Heavenly fortified by German troops. Only six out of about 867 Rangers escaped or were taken prisoner by the Germans. He was killed when a round from an 88mm gun struck him.
    I know this is true because one of his men Dan Mcall witnessed his death. Dan and my family became close friends after he returned from the camps. He sought out my father, James Patton Miller and shared the details of this horrific battle. We remained close until his passing. God Bless all our fallen troops, their families and descendents. My grandfather was killer in action on January 30, 1944.
    RIP grandpa.

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