Schauss, William H.
Army Corporal

William H. Schauss from Indiana, Vanderburgh county.

Service era: World War II

Date of death:  December 13, 1944
Death details: Died, non-battle

Source: National Archives, family

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Army Corporal

  1. Other service personal on plane; Pilot Lt Robert M Moser, Cpl Kenneth H Newell, Co-Pilot Emil P Ratay (flight officer)

    I have other information and pictures

  2. My uncle William (Bill) H Schauss died 12/13/1944

    Crash of a C-47 airplane crash near Zalama, Missouri during WWII.
    Exploded on impact on the ground after wings clipped trees on one hill and then crashed on the next hill, cutting thru wooded area on a hillside. Was a glider training mission, glider was not with plane.

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