Where did this database come from?
This database was created by Jay M. Young of Evansville, Indiana. All of the information is manually entered in an effort to provide one of the most complete sources of information and recognition of soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice and families that continue to live with that sacrifice.

How do I correct information?
Most information is taken from the official military record, unless otherwise noted under Sources. The military record has mistakes. While we can’t change the military record we will correct information listed on this site. Please forward your corrections to info@MyFallenSoldiers.com. You must include identification and your relation to the soldier. Your personal information will not be posted without your permission. It is used for verification purposes.

The date of death is wrong.
The date of death often reflects when the solider was declared dead. This date is often at least one year beyond the actual incident if the soldier was missing in action. If you have information on a more accurate date of death see How do I correct information above.

The hometown listed is incorrect.
The hometown listed is often the “home of record,” not the actual hometown. This is often where the soldier enlisted. If you know of a more accurate hometown please see How do I correct information above.

I can’t find a soldier’s name.
Please provide us the information at info@myfallensoldiers.com

How can I use information found on myfallensoldiers.com or link to the site?
Please see the terms of use page for more information.