Semrow, Donald Delmar

Donald Delmar Semrow, age 75, from Coloma, Wisconsin, Waushara county.

Spouse: Lois (Blader)
Children: Ryan Semrow, step children Daniel Base, Bonnie Ann Base, Sue A. Bast-Fetzer

Service era: Vietnam

Date of death: Tuesday, November 22, 2022
Death details: Died at home after a long battle with cancer caused by Agent Orange
Cemetery: Richford in Waushara County

Source: Leikness Funeral Home

Bowers, Larry Albert

Larry Albert Bowers, age 72, from Mansfield, Ohio.

Service era: Vietnam

Children: Two children

School: Clear Fork (1965)

Date of death: Friday, September 6, 2019
Death details: Died from the effects of Agent Orange
Cemetery: Bellville, Ohio

Source: Mansfield Journal News,

Hinton, Theodore Gordie
Army Sergeant

Theodore Gordie Hinton, age 60, from York, Pennsylvania, York county.

Parents: Gordie C. and Letha J. (Plunkett) Hinton
Spouse: Linda L. (Auman) Hinton

Service era: Vietnam

In 2009, Theodore’s name was added to the Court of Valor at Prospect Cemetery, York.

Military history: 7th Calvary, 2nd Batallion. Awarded the Bronze Star.

Date of death: Friday, March 19, 2010
Death details: Died from lung cancer, due to Agent Orange

Cemetery: Mount Rose, York

Source: family, York Daily Record (2010), Prospect Cemetery

Mason, Raymond Jr.
Marines Lance Corporal

Raymond Mason Jr., age 59, from Bristol, Rhode Island.

Parents: Raymond and Zella (Clark) Mason (both preceded in death)
Children: John Kane Jr. and Brian Kane

Service era: Vietnam
Schools: East Providence High graduate, Providence Vocational Technical School

Date of death: Sunday, May 28, 2006
Death details: Wounded in Vietnam in 1968. He died from his wounds in 2006.

Source: Vietnam Veterans Association, Stars and Stripes, Providence Journal (2006)

Naylor, Darrell James
Army Specialist 4

Darrell James Naylor, age 61, from Perryton, Oklahoma, Ochiltree county.

Parents: Dick Naylor (1921 – 2016) and Opal Evelyn Sager Naylor (1924 – 2020)
Spouse: None
Children: None

Service era: Vietnam
Schools: Balko High (1962), Claredon Junior College and Oklahoma Panhandle State University.
Military history: Drafted into the Army on April 19, 1966. Bronze Star, Purple Heart.

Date of death: Thursday, January 5, 2006
Death details: Injured in combat on April 14, 1967. Parents cared for him in their home for 38 years.
Cemetery: Bluemound Cemetery in Balko

Source: National Archives, Amarillo Globe-News

Pruett, Richard
Army Sergeant

Ann Pruett of Sherman, Texas as she watches May 3, 2007 as her husband’s name engraved on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Associated Press)

Richard Pruett, age 59, from San Diego, California, San Diego county.

Service era: Vietnam

Spouse: Ann Wahlen (Married April 2, 1988)

Parents: Ruth Pruett, Monroe E. Pruett (preceded in death)

Children: Lori Sazej, Amy Coffman

School: Point Loma High graduate, San Diego

Date of death: Monday, February 28, 2005
Death details: Richard was wounded while in patrol in 1969. He had removed his flak jacket to sit near a tree. An explosive caused sharapnel to strike him. When he returned home his lower intestines were destroyed. He died from complications related to those injuries. His name was added to the Wall in 2007.

Cemetery: Cedarlawn Memorial

Source: National Archives, San Diego Tribune, NBC,, Associated Press (2007)

Goossens, Richard M.
Marines Lance Corporal

Richard M. Goossens, age 55, from Racine, Wisconsin.

Spouse: Joan Goossens
Children: Two boys

Service era: Vietnam
Schools: Burlington High (1967), University of Colorado (174, University of Northern Colorado (1976)

Date of death: Friday, September 24, 2004
Death details: Shot several times in Vietnam in 1968. He lived for 36 mores years and required 14 different surgeries. Died at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center from issues related to his wounds

Source: Vietnam Veterans Association, Steamboat Pilot & Today

Hunter, Robert
Army Specialist 4

Robert Hunter, age 23, from Belmont, New York.

Service era: Vietnam
Military history: 35th Infantry Regiment

Date of death: Sunday, November 17, 2002
Death details: Wounded on February 23, 1969 by small arms fire in Darlac, Vietnam. Died of those wounds in 2002.
Cemetery: Forest Lawn, Belmont

Source: 35th Infantry Regiment Association

DiNiro, William Warren
Army Specialist 4

William Warren DiNiro, age 47, from Seldon, New York, Suffolk county.

Service era: Vietnam

Date of death: Sunday, May 14, 1995
Death details: Died in New York from wounds suffered in South Vietnam. His name was added to the Wall in 1997.

Source: National Archives, Associated Press (1997)

Holfeltz, Kyle Clinton
Army Specialist 4

Kyle Clinton Holfeltz, age 44, from Salt Lake County Salt Lake City, Utah .

Service era: Vietnam

Date of death: Friday, November 11, 1994
Death details: Kyle was shot in the back Feb. 1, 1971 in Vietnam. He crawled on his arms to get to cover and a chopper picked him up. He returned home paralyzed below the waist. He died from those injuries in 1994.

Source: National Archives, Indianapolist Star (1996)